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day two- getting to Oregon

I was up at 630 am. rearing to go. i dont sleep much when I travel. never have. Everyone got ready for our buffet continental breakfast included with the hotel. We were so surprised to find it was a really nice not so continental full breakfast buffet with waffles and sausages and eggs and bagels, cereal yogourts and fruits galore! We grabbed a bite to eat and more for the road ahead and packed everyone into the big beast of a vehicle..our home for the next 10 days!
We hit the road with the goal of getting to Portlando Oregon. Everyone was in high spirits. We came across Sehalis - a small town with factory outlet mall...shopping!!! we stopped in and found a few gems. Mike and I bought helly hanson jackets for 70 bucks a steal of a dea,l and davie got a hat with a built in light. Brandy got a pair of cute plaid shorts and donna -some kitchen gadgets and travel accessories of course! We had a quick car lunch and a pit stop, as everyone needed a recharge and a rest. the sun was out and the day had just begun...only 1 pm! we jumped in the car and drove to Portland.

When we headed into Portland we hit heavy traffic and were amazed by the size of the city. There were skyways of overpasses and freeways and tons of bridges. We parked right in front of the schnitzer? concert hall, where Elvis Costello was playing. We walked down to Pioneer Courthouse Square to check out the Bloomfest and get the low down on what to see. there was a fella by the name of Eddie, a restiree volunteer in the info center. He pointed us to the Alphabet district and was a real character to talk to. We did some window shopping,, sampled delectable pure drinking chocolate a la francaise, then drove to the Alphabet district. We found the Stepping Stone cafe-a super american diner. we had a great server.
So this diner's clame to fame wasn't Triple D, but the pancake stacks featured in Man Versus Food.Truly it was the first real Diner though; we sighed in relief to find the brightly-painted neighborhood cafe sitting on the leafy corner with locals sipping whiskey (and hitting on Heather), (but don't worry Jas, he was old) , the date night couple happy to find the local excellent micro-brew on offer, and various toys suspended from the ceiling that rose and dipped with the opening of the door.

Our waiter was a blast - talked hockey and kept us laughing with tales of revelry on visits to Vancouver; filled us in on Guy Fieri (an asshole) and Mark Atkinson (a nice guy) and really made our meal special. Sadly, can't recommend the food based uponho-hum mac and cheese, but we'd go back just for the great vibes and funky feel. Brandy got our waiter's autograph, we left a big tip and off to the night's hotwire special- an airport holiday inn with floor to ceiling windows, panorama of a massive traintrack, and a real live\nfl player David met in the hot tub!- a retired quarterack named Rick who played for Louisiana Saints.

I can't vouch for the pool but a good time ensued apparently. Mike is training, so he did his 300 pushups, then he and \heather headed to Safeway for the evening's junk food run. There may be beer.

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Our first day on the road


Met up as a group early in the morning and went to catch the COHO ferry in Victoria B.C. We were unsure if we would get through the border but we were taking our chances. We had our fingers crossed and miraculously we made it through.
We had breakfast sandwiches and coffee and sat on the deck chatting and soaking in the first hot sun in a while. Full of energy we drove through the Port Angeles, Sequim and further east to Bainbridge island. We went over two amzing bridges with beautiful coastal houses and scenery. It poured rain right until our ferry crossing from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. It took 35 minutes to cross and was such a great way to come into the city face on the busy pier.
We drove through the seattle market and piers to Enterprise to rent our Hybrid ford escape we had reserved. However when we arrived there was a surprise for us..Enterprise does not carry the car they reserved for us, as their call center was not in seattle, and in St. Louis! they were so apologetic, they tried to offer us anything to make us happy. We ended up in a huge luxury suburban with leather interior and seating enough for 7 people. sooooo much more room than we anticipated with th hybrid. They covered the difference in price as well as the extra gas we would require! we left pretty impressed with Enterprise customer service, and laughing about the extreme difference in vehicle we were going for. so much for goin green !
We were all starved so we looked on our DDD list and found a gourmet pizzeria (Serious Pie) on westlake and harrison downtown Seattle. We all had amazing pizza with strange exotic toppings like bra tenero, and proscioutto and soft fried eggs and arugula etc. the crust was to die for and we left content. We had still to find our hotel and park our canadian car for the week. We hit the highway in two cars and drove to the airport -hoping for cheaper parking. after realizing the high prices we decided to take a scenic tour of the airport and find our hotel as we were all exhausted from the travelling all day.
We finally got the GPS to work ( it was in spanish and home location Florida) lol and found the best western we had booked. Thankfully they did park and fly for cheap! we transferred all of our belongings and headed in for some much needed down time. Micheal and I were feelin hungry so we ventured to the local safeway to get some snacks for the group..Safeway seemingly so familiar, had a very special aisle. One that was full from top to bottom with libations of all sorts. Michael's eyes lit up. a 24 oz fosters can for threee bucks! We found the biggest sandwich possible ( awhole french bread loaf stuffed with cheese and meat) for mike and a box of "fat free" fudgicles for everyone. We all pigged out and passed out for the night! what a day.

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